100% Cotton Knit Fabric Dyeing Process In Details

Cotton knit fabric dyeing is a process that can be used to create different colors from white cotton. The steps in this process are Scouring, bleaching, dyeing, rinsing, and drying. The colors that can be created with this process are reactive dyeing. This process will be applied with the below condition

Fiber type: 100% cotton ( Celusose fiber).

Dye behavior: Reactive Dyes (Most using dye in the textile industry).

Fabric type: Jersey, Rib, Terry, fleece, Pique, Lacoste, or other cotton knit fabric.

Color type: Normal color

100% cotton fabric dyeing process flow chart:

100% cotton fabric Process flow chart

Detail 100% cotton knit fabric dyeing process

Scouring & Bleaching Start

Fill Water

Temperature at 40⁰C

Detergent+anticreasing+secquestering agent injects

Load Fabric

Temperature to 60⁰C

Caustic soda Dossing= 7min

Rise Temperature at 70⁰C

Hydrogen Peroxide Inject

Rise temperature at 98⁰C

Run = 60min

Cooling at 78⁰C

Check sample (Absorbency and Brightness)

If ok then drain

Normal water hot At 80⁰C

Run= 10min

Wash clear

Drain fill

Neutralize with acetic acid

Peroxide killer inject and run=5min

Check the availability of peroxide paper

Drain and wash

Drain fill

Bio polishing

Rise temperature at 55⁰C

Contol PH=4.5

Enzyme Inject into the machine


Check sample(Hairiness on the surface)

If ok Then drain

Wash clear

Dyeing Start

Rise the temperature to 40⁰C

Control PH=6.5

Leveling agent+Anticreasing+Secquestering agent injects


Salt Dossing=10min (Better to use recycled dossing)


Color Dosing=30 min

Run=20 mint

Sample check (Approximate availability of all dyes according to shade%)

Check the levelness of the dyes

If everything ok then raise the temperature to 60⁰C

Soda(10%) dosing=15 minute

Runtime=15 minute

Soda(Rest 90%) dosing=20  minute

Runtime=20 min

Sample check If ok then

Bath Drain (Rinse drain is better)

Wash =5min & drain fill

Normal hot=70⁰C

Run =10min

Wash clear

Use Ascitic acid to neutralize

Wash and drain

Clear the water

Soaping start

Soaping agent inject

Rise the temperature =90⁰C,


Drain and wash


Fixing Start

Dossing the fixing agent=5 minute


Drain & Wash clear

Softening start

Ph control 5

Softener Dossing 5min

Runtime 10min

Check sample (Softness and final shade)

If ok then Unload

Deliver to Finishing

Ask for dyeing solution


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